Friday 1 August 2008

The sporters/athlete's "support network" explained

In order for a sporter to achieve their sporting goals that they set themselves they need a support network. It is very difficult and lonely to achieve greatness on your own.
Most sporters rely on at least 1 or possibly many of the people and organisations listed on this diagram, the better their support network the better their chances of success.
To achieve greatness in business, people rely on their network, including their team, technology specialists, coaches, outside agencies, the media, government bodies, the work space, the equipment they work with, the influencers in the market place, partners etc.
Achieving sporting greatness requires a network too. Most NOC's will tell their leading athletes, that the best way to find sponsors is to network, it still boils down to "who you know". This is one of the many reasons I decided to create ESPORTERS Ltd.
Via the site sporters can professionally (like in business through build a support network around them which they can rely on to help them achieve their sporting goals during their sporting life and also when they retire from top sports.

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