Sunday 23 January 2011

Planning my next holiday at the end of my current holiday

I am not sure if it is healthy to plan my next holiday before my "current" holiday is over! It seems to suggest that I am not totally living in the moment or enjoying the here and now. Well it is not as bad as it sounds, I actually just dream of the destination, but not finalize the details. Now that would be unhealthy wouldn't it?

Between Christmas and early January we were in Fuerteventura in the Spanish Canary Islands. Not chosen for its culture, cuteness or history, but for its very pleasant weather and exquisite beaches. What a fantastic place to relax, read, jog, eat succulent Spanish tomatoes and generally enjoy the warmth of the sun of your vitamine D starved body.

Seven days is enough however, as the island lacks culture, cute white stoned cities and green lucious nature. Well it would seeing as it is effectively a desert and pounded by the sand filled wind storms all year long.

While walking on the magnificent beaches there, it got me thinking about how much I enjoy being away from wet cold snowy countries like the UK or Holland. So I started making my list of possible future holidays ... below is the start of the list in no particular order. The only problem I see now is, do I have enough years to actually visit all these places on my list?

  • Cycling and camping in French Alpes and French/Spanish Pyrenees
  • Windsurfing in Bonaire
  • Mountain biking in Scotland, Peak District and Lake District
  • Snorkling off small island near Zanzibar/Maldives, Seychelles or Fernando de Noronha
  • Walking in Autumn/fall in New England [US] combined with trip to Boston to see friends
  • Travelling through Thailand and Malaysia on bicycle
  • Touring with camper van around North New Zealand
  • Mountainbiking in Austria and Switzerland
  • Touring round Norwegen Fiords and mountains
  • Trip down the Nile, plus snorkling in Red Sea
  • Driving through Grand Canyon and across North America
  • Travelling round Costa Rica, with visit to see a friend
  • Serengeti park in Tanzania, with visit to see an old family friend
  • Touring round Japan

One of these is my next holiday, "planned" while on holiday in Fuerteventura this year.