Sunday 27 January 2008

Ready for prime time

Thanks a million to those friends and family members who have been to my site in the last 2 weeks since Beta launch and registered and given me feedback so far. I have had some very constructive comments about the site so far which has enabled me to change it to adapt the target audience even better. Please keep those comments coming in.

On my site ( now you will find a more obvious registration process, search highlighted and all the dating elements of the site have been removed and replaced wtih more sports related content in which to search on and enable sporters to find more even better what they are looking for.
The most important improvement I made was to ensure that the site was secure for minors (less than 18years of age.) I will cover this is more detail in another blog posting.
So the site is ready for prime time and I am in a position to start promoting the site big time.

But first a quick visit to Brasil to see my sister Steph, my brother-in-law and my nephew!.

Monday 7 January 2008

Welcome to my blog, this is my first posting. I will aim to update it on a weekly basis if time permits.

After a few years of dreaming about following my passion in life (combining 2 of my passions, my love of sport and marketing) and over a year of hard work and loads of fun, I have launched my website
It is a sports social networking site for 'sporters' worldwide (sporty people, sportswomen and sportsmen), sporters is in fact a Dutch word but has not made it into the English language yet, you won't find it in the English dictionary. I hope to bring the word into the English language, a little like Google did with the verb "to google". Well a girl has to aim high!!! ;).
I invite you to vist the site , register for free and if you like what you see please invite your friends too.
This is what you can do on the site:
Sporters (amateurs):
· Create a profile and find other sports enthusiasts to train with.
· Identify a gym/team/class to join in your area.
Sports teams & clubs:
· Create a profile for your team and post a team vacancy.
· Promote your events / match schedule to your fans.
· Find tournaments for your team to take part in.
· Communicate with your fans while maintaining your privacy.
· Expand and grow your network of sponsors.
· Promote yourself, your sports stats and performance.
· Find worldwide paid team vacancies.
Sports companies & sponsors:
· Promote your sports company and your work experience.
· Find teams to sponsor and approach them securely.
Sports fans:
· Find live sports events to take part in or watch.
· Link to your favorite team or sports personality.