Tuesday 26 August 2008

Earning money to pay for www.e-sporters.com

I don't have any VC backing, or an angel invester for http://www.e-sporters.com/ and I don't want annoying banner advertising or Google AdWords on my site and I already sold my house to pay for the site developments. I may in the future have sponsors of the site, but no annoying banner advertising which distracts people from their online goals.

So since May I have needed to go out and earn money to pay to keep my site live and to keep me alive! I decided to use my other passion and talent to good effect. Hence I set up Measurable Marketing Projects, and I do interim marketing management and international marketing projects for various organisations, where a measurable result is required in a short space of time. These projects are varied, but can be summarized by the fact that I am being bought in to solve issues that seem to have no resolution internally or where the client wants a fresh set of unbiased eyes on an issue.

I come in and generate measurable results for the organisation in a short period of time. The projects also fall into the following categories: international marketing, event/festival marketing, customer relationship marketing, performance based marketing, internet / social network marketing and direct marketing.

So my latest client/project is keeping me sooooo busy, I have hardly been able to spend any time on promoting http://www.e-sporters.com/, as I would have wanted, gggrrrrrr. And I am quite aware that a site doesn't sell/market itself!!!

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