Tuesday 26 August 2008

Preventing the online pests

It seems that social networking sites are not being very responsible by not trying to protect minors from online pests. So it is no wonder they are getting negative publicity. Before I started promoting www.e-sporters.com I contacts the British police force (online fraud department) to ensure I was doing everything I could possibly do to protect the privacy and security of all members and particularly minors (under 18 years).

The site is professional in its design and content and as such does not encourage members to post unsuitable content. It is not meant to replace Facebook or YouTube or Hyes and the like, as this site is focused on sport as a business. It is very focused on privacy and security with the following unique privacy and security features:

SPAM/ABUSE functionality: In one click you can flag users as creating abusive content or contacting you with irrelevant information or Spam. Their id is temporarily blocked, immediately checked and if necessary indefinitely blocked by the administrator.
DOUBLE OPT-IN: Before your registration is activated on the site, you will need to confirm your registration by clicking on a link in an email. If you are under 18 your registration has default settings for contacting ie. The minors default setting will be set to "Can only be contacted via my direct contacts" - they would need to go and change these this default settings.
MESSAGING: There is no public chat functionality on the site, but instead a secure messaging functionality which you can decide to turn on or off. Your email is only visible if you make it so to your contacts and when you receive a message from someone you will see their photo as well as their id and name.
PRIVACY SETTINGS: Your profile is not automatically created and you do not fill in your profile until you have seen the privacy message, which encourages you to double check your privacy settings.
BLOCKING YOUR PROFILE: Not only can you decide who sees your personal details, and who can message you, but you can also block your id completely from the site -- this does not need to be done by an administrator.

If I have missed any other issue please contact me asap and I will look into it and aim to resolve it asap.

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