Tuesday 9 October 2012

Selling NRC Next Subscriptions with students on the streets [Sales + Accountmanagement HVA MIC course]

The past few weeks have been challenging but so much fun!:)

Last week I wasn’t standing in a lecture theatre [or even recording a virtual eClass] lecturing students about what is sales is [or worse still citing definitions of sales]. I was out on the streets of Amsterdam showing, coaching [with Pepperminds], motivating and helping my media marketing students actually sell NRC Next subscriptions.

Why has it been a challenging few weeks? Learning by doing is still in its infancy even at Applied Science Universities [HBO] and you know what happens when you go against the status quo and do something innovative and different! It isn’t an easy ride to say the least. Actually doing real assignments for real companies is one of the 5 ways I outlined in a new strategy canvas for the HVA to create a win/win situation for the HVA and its stakeholders [students being one of them and the business world being the other]. Plus solving the age old issue of marketers and sales people clashing, will be easier when tackled earlier rather than later, while marketers are being educated.

Why was it on the flip side so much fun? Normally you experience students in a classroom or in one-on-one coaching moments [they are very different in both these situations/ locations!] Now I got to see the students in action! That was loads of fun. Once the students were busy on the streets having conversions with people walking by, they moved from a mental state of “I really don’t want to be doing this” to “Wow I am getting good at this, I really want to make another sale today”. I was really proud of them!! Not only did they learn loads, they also sold 350 subscriptions to very satisfied customers. Gosh if only I could experience that more often, it would make being a part-time teacher even more rewarding.

Well I had more great news for my media students this week. The new account management assignment selling advertising space for the paper Z!Krant [The Big Issue of Holland] via an eBay auction, is the ultimate answer to the most common complaints from students about their study and assignments. Not another assignment about the biggest publisher of magazines in Holland!…. “I would prefer to sell for a charity rather than a commercial organization!”… “Selling face-to-face is so 2008, we should be selling via social media!” … “We should be doing projects that are innovative and refreshing!

I wonder if this week is going to be as challenging and/or as fun as last week??? Surprise me!!

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