Friday 25 May 2012

Coaching the MCI Honours Students ... Aram, Thomas, Vivienne and Wessel

For the last 6 months I have had the pleasure of coaching a motivated group of students from the MCI Honours programme within the HVA ... Aram, Thomas, Vivienne and Wessel. Three of which have graduated successfully from Honours, three out of four was the highest graduation rate of all coaching groups - which shows how high the demands were of these young adults.

I am going to follow with interest their career, to see if my predictions about them come true!
Aram: | Thomas: | Vivienne:  | Wessel:

Aram's article in Folia:  Ondernemen Leer Je Elders [page 18]
Wessel's magazine: Like Most Anyone
Thomas's presentation: NextSpeaker
Vivienne's website:

The actual process of coaching them [as well as coaching our media entrepreneurs] has also given me food for though for a potential business! What would be more rewarding than to continue to support their development after they have graduated too?

Anyway, before I give away more clues about my idea ... I have learnt a great deal about coaching students [of all kinds] and coaching those students that are, or have the potential to excel - which links to my definition of excellence ... Excellence it is about attitude and anyone can excel by being driven, daring to take action and just doing it!

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