Tuesday 6 October 2009

Sports world champions using twitter

Twitter is one of the best ways for sports stars to stay in touch with their fans and keep their fans engaged with their progress. Of course Lance Armstrong is the best example of a sporter using twitter to stay in touch with fans and well wishers. But I wondered how many WOMEN world champions/number 1's are actually using twitter to this end.

Well not that many as it turns out. I did a quick check of 13 individual sports and their current world number 1 (as of 7 Oct 09). So in order of popularity (most number of followers on twitter as of 7 Oct 09):

- Serena Williams (tennis) - 1,207,513
- Lindsey Vonn (downhill skiing) - 1,288
- Nicol David (squash) - 590

The following world number 1's do not yet have a twitter account:

- Wang Lin (badminton)
- Yue Guo (table tennis)
- Jeter Carmelita (100m sprint athletics)
- Britta STEFFEN (50m freestyle swimming)
- Mariane Vos (road cycling)
- Elisabeth OSL (mountain biking cross country)
- Lorena Ochoa (golf)
- Emma Moffat (triathlon)
- Ana BRANZA (fencing)
- Veronica Blackmann (boxing heavyweight)

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