Tuesday 18 November 2008

5 reasons why sporters really don't need a sports agent

  1. They take a larger % of earnings in comparison to the actual work and benefit they deliver to the sporter and they lock you into long contract.
  2. The only tasks they really do is use their network and relationships and check contracts, which a lawyer could do and a network is something the sporter him/herself can build.
  3. They take the control in terms of time and attention away from the sporter, the sporter becomes a puppet and loses control of their agenda and sporters need to decide their own agenda.
  4. They do not have the sporters long term best interests at heart, they focus on what will deliver the most return in the shortest space of time and therefore the largest cut.
  5. They do not help the sporter to create a network around them, therefore once the agent is gone the network and relationships are gone too.

Sporters need to cut out the middle man and start building their own network of relationships, being a sporter is a business, in business, relationships matter, and creating this network will stand the sporter in good sted for when they retire from competitive sports. Start building your network for free on http://www.e-sporters.com.

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