Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What makes the site e-sporters remarkable currently

Following on from my last blog entry about taking from a prototype to a purple cow (remarkable site) I thought I would highlight the remarkable elements of the site currently, this is by no means to say that the site is remarkable yet, but there are elements which are and deserve to be highlighted:
  1. Targeted, yet inclusive - The site is specifically for a niche, ie. people serious about sport, sporters and their support network. It will appeal to a specific group in society and therefore is focused on their needs. This does not mean it is a small group the global sports community, as the site covers all sports (>300) and all sports roles (>100).
  2. Socially responsible - It was built with the aim of helping sporters achieve their sporting goals, 10% of profits goes to grass roots sports charities, 1000 euros per year is given to the most deserving team or sporter in terms of sponsorship money, it was built to protect people from online pests.
  3. Helping the little guys - The site is for sporters in the less well known sports, it is not focused on golf, football, tennis and formula 1 like other sports sites. The most deserving of the sites attention are the sporters in less public sports, where sponsorship is difficult to come by and creating a support network requires action.
  4. Advertising free - There will never be advertising on the site (no AdWords or banners), I hate banners. But that is not to say I don't have a business plan for making money to keep investing in the site, so there will be sponsors logo's on the site and targeted emails sent to members. But this means the site is clutter free and easy to read.
  5. People focused, not technology focused - Every single member that fills in their profile, gets a personalized email from myself asking for constructive feedback, all emails to "help" are responded to within 48 hours, the site is marketed by business partners who are (ex)top sporters, the site is a basic prototype with functionality you would find on, but the site does not proclaim to have the technological sophistication of a facebook.

I do endevour to create a remarkable site, but I need to take it a step at a time. Sign up for free at and start building your support network.

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