Thursday 23 October 2008

Virtual sports teams look for sponsorship

Sponsors don't like to back 1 horse, they like to spread their risk which is why they prefer teams, clubs and sports events to sponsor. The problem with sponsoring a single sporter is that you are putting your eggs in one basket. But on the other hand a brand likes to be associated with a personality, not just an entity, as this is what helps consumers understand what the brand is about. Brand associations. So it is a catch 22 for sponsors and for sporters alike.
But what if sponsors could spread their risk over a virtual sports team, made up of individual sporters from different sports disciplines and different clubs, even different countries. But where the team of individuals has similar personality characteristics or stories which link them together and in turn link them with the brand.
This is one of the reasons I created to be able to offer sporters and sponsors a place to meet. Sporters can create virtual teams of like minded sporters from different disciplines and can promote themselves to potential sponsors. Sponsors can find virtual teams of sporters, who dispite not being part of a traditional team based on sport or country, are woven together through other ways, ie. beliefs, background, language, vision, personality, sexuality, physical trait. What the sponsor choses is based on the their brand values and what is best going to speak to their brand. This part is for each individual sponsor to decide, provides the platform to achieve the goals of the sporter and sponsor.

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