Monday 16 April 2012

My attempt at being a talk show host!

Wow, that was challenging, but so much fun.

Well it wasn't so much a talk show, rather a virtual open day for prospective students at ISMB [International Sports Management and Business] where I teach part-time, sport marketing, sport media, professional development, badminton and squash. In fact it was the very first virtual open day the HVA has ever hosted.

Talk about multitasking during the show ... present, watch for signs from floor manager, pose questions that make sense, make it as natural as a conversation, check for incoming questions from the web interface, listen to the answers of the guests and make sure it fits in 1 hour. All at the same time, without forgetting to smile!

We had 128 people logging on during the show, from, for example China, Argentina, Netherlands, the UK, Bulgaria, and Lithuania.

Thank goodness, the guests [Nick, Claudia, Angelique and Dave] were fantastic and saved me a few times.

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